Little Hutt (littlehutt) wrote in au_paradis,
Little Hutt

New video for "Il y a", directed by Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis did it again. After "L'Incendie", they worked together on her newest single, "Il y a", which is supposed to be released in November along with her best-of album. The song is lovely, a bit melancholy, and quite catchy, and the video directed by Mr Depp reflects all that.

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I love the clip & i love the song.
Vanessa is such a beautiful women <3
Agreed :)
Aww she is a true artist and an amazing person <3 Love her so much.
She truly is :)
God, she's so pretty. Those cheekbones!

I love the video, too, it's beautiful yet haunting.

Thanks for the post!
Happy to share :) beautiful and haunting, that's it.
Johnny Depp's becoming a very good director; he definitely has an eye for composition and ambiance that compliments the song. Of course, Vanessa shines vocally and on screen as always. :)

By the way, do you happen to know the release date of her best-of album? I'll be visiting FNAC in Marseille anyway, so adding it to my cd collection is very tempting. :)
Agreed on Depp as a director, and I think he's just perfect to render the atmosphere of Vanessa's songs.

It says on the official website that it's gonna be released on November 23rd, and on iTunes on November 16th.